Welcome to simplevisor’s documentation!

Getting Started

Simplevisor is a simple daemons supervisor, it is inspired by Erlang OTP and it can supervise hierarchies of services.


argparse for python < 3.2
simplejson for python < 2.6

Install it:

easy_install simplevisor
# look at the installation page for details

create and edit the main configuration file:

simplevisor.conf.example available in the examples
# check the configuration page for details

run it with:

simplevisor --conf /path/to/simplevisor.conf start
# or as a daemon
simplevisor --conf /path/to/simplevisor.conf --daemon start

check the help page:

simplevisor help

if you want to run it as a service user simplevisor-control as init script.

Author: Massimo.Paladin@gmail.com

Copyright (C) CERN 2013-2016